Since 2011 I run a communications and management consultancy. The focus is on public affairs, analyses and development of knowledge-based organisations.

I have extensive experience in building mutual understanding and partnerships between industry, research organisations and politics. Many of my assignments are about public affairs in R&D, education and industrial policy. The work I carry out ranges from investigating and performing background analyses, writing of articles, organizing and moderating discussions and meetings, to setting up new organizations or research platforms. 

I am based in Stockholm and work both with national and international projects. Together with other consultants in my network, I am also able to coordinate and run larger projects. Among my customers are companies, research foundations, the Swedish Cabinet Office, industry/trade associations, universities, research institutes and government agencies.



I have worked in politics, business and with universities and research, ie. all parts of what in the innovation context are called triple helix

Society is in constant need of new knowledge to adapt and evolve. How this can best be accomplished in a global world is a question that always interests me.


Member of city council, expert advisor to the Environmental Advisory Council of the Swedish Government’s Cabinet Office


CMO and CCO at an engineering consutlancy, direcor of projects at a lobby organisation, partner in a VC company and a communication agency, bord member of various companies and organizations.


Member of strategy board at university, has ran many research policy projects at IVA and also set up reserach collaborations.